Trailer Mounted, Truck Mounted, and Slip-in Style

Pothole patching equipment for every need, big or small!

Stepp Manufacturing has been the industry leader with the broadest line of Asphalt Hot Boxes for over 40 years. Our technology driven designs give our customers the most innovative and productive pothole patching equipment on the market.  We offer our asphalt hot boxes in many different sizes and configurations to give you exactly what you need to meet the demands of your aging roads. Whether it’s our small 1.0 cubic yard SSPH Slip-in style, or our 7.0 cubic yard STPH Truck Mounted patcher, we have the pothole patching system that is just right for your needs. Our Asphalt Hot Box line offers more options that any other manufacturer on the market, and gives you a user friendly, safe, heavy duty, and highly productive solution. Take a look at the different configurations that we offer, and we are sure that you will find the right system to match your needs and budget. 

SPH Hot Box Trailer
SPHD Dump Style Hot box
SPHOJ Auger Style Hot Box
SSPH Slip In Style Hot Box
STPH Patch Trucks