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SRM10x120 Asphalt Recycler Trailer

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SRM10x120 Sell Sheet with Quick Spec

Produce Hot Mix 24-7 for Under $20.00 Ton!

Stepp’s SRM-10X120 is fully mobile and needs no extra equipment on the job. The SRM will produce 1/2 ton batches of high quality “Hot Mix Asphalt” from millings or virgin materials any time of the year. With the indirect heating system and on-board liquid asphalt tank, the SRM can recycle or produce virgin, custom, or spec mix designs. Do not forget to add the compactor plate carrier and jackhammer options to create an all-in-one patching powerhouse!

This asphalt recycler is a pugmill design and has no flame hitting the material. Millings are fed directly from your dump truck to a conveyor that loads the hopper. This asphalt recycler is ideal for pothole patching, repairing utility trenches, water main breaks, and all other types of asphalt repairs.

10 Cubic Foot / 1000 lbs. Batches / 120 Gallon Asphalt Additive Kettle


Makes 1/2 ton batches in 8-15 Mins
Produces up to 3 Tons / Hour
Recycle Millings and Used Asphalt
Makes Virgin Hot Mix and Custom Mixes
120 Gallon Kettle for Liquid Asphalt Cement- Key to good recycled mix is adding an AC binder back into the material.
Spray Tack System with Hand Wand / Optional Heated Hose System
Front Loading Conveyor
Does not require additional equipment at the job site, only the dump truck towing it
Endura Hardened Liner and Replaceable Mixer Paddles
Diesel Burner System with Indirect Heat
Kubota Diesel Engine with Load Sense Hydraulic System
PLC Can Buss “Smart” Controls- Easy to Operate
Heavy duty trailer with one piece shackles


Stepp Recyclers- SRM Self-Loading 
Each base unit includes: Diesel Burner, Diesel Engine, Burner Enclosure, Engine Enclosure, Automatic Temperature 
Controls, Liquid Additive Kettle, Loading Conveyor, Overhead-Nonheated Boom, Electric Brakes, and 2 Light System

□ SRM 10×120 Self-Loading

□ Flush Mounted Strobe Light 
□ Beacon Style Strobe Light 
□ Arrowboard 
□ 10# Fire Extinguisher* 
□ Tool Box 10″x10″x24″* 
□ SMV Sign 
□ Spare Tire w/ Holder* 
□ Compactor Plate Carrier* 
□ 15 Gallon Plastic Water Tank 
□ Stainless Steel Tool Holder*x2 
□ Front Step w/ Railing* 
□ LP Hand Torch w/ 20# LP Bottle 
□ Hose Reel for Hand Torch
□ Washdown System* 
□ Hose Reel for Washdown*
□ Electric Overnight Heat for Tack Tank 110V 1500W* 
□ Manual Holder 
□ Shovel Cleaning Compartment* 
□ Unloading Conveyor 
□ Heated Overhead Boom with 8′ Hose and Steel Wand 
□ Heated Overhead Boom with 12′ Hose and Steel Wand* 
□ Aluminum Wand in lieu of Steel 
□ Hose Reel in lieu of Overhead Boom

□ Hydraulic Jack Hammer (requires power beyond) 
□ Hydraulic Tamper (requires power beyond) 
□ Power Beyond for Hydraulic Controls 
□ Dual Hydraulic Hose Reel for Tool Attachment 
*Dual Hydraulic Hose Reel highly recommended with tamper and jack hammer options

□ Deduct Liquid Additive Kettle 
□ Platform to Replace Additive Kettle

□ 2 Light LED 
□ 4 Light Standard (converter) 
□ 4 Light LED (converter)

□ Hydraulic Brakes- Tandem Axle

□ Hwy Orange 
□ Black 
□ Yellow 
□ Other: __________

□ 2-5/16″ Ball 
□ 3″ Pintle

□ 6 Pin Round 
□ 7 Pin RV 
□ 7 Pin Round (4-light system only)