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2022 Standard Price list Effective Jan 2 2022

NCPA Pricing 2022




Training Videos 

2020 SPHD Overview and training 
2020 Bottom FIred Kettle with Heated Hose
2020 SGS Training 
2020 SBF Bottom Fired Kettle Training with econo Spray Bar
2019 Ojk-125 Training
SPHD-3.0 Training 
SPHD-2.0 Training with tack tank.
Tack Tank Operations 
SMMT Asphalt Recycler Overview
SPHOJ-3.0 Training with tack Tank
Sph-1.5 Training
Sph-3.0 Training

SBF-300 Training
OJK-275 Crack Sealer with Auto Loader Training
OJK-250 Old Style Crack Sealer Training

Marketing Flyers  Call Stepp for Publisher Version 

2019 1/2 Page Ad
2013 Equipment Book for Email
2014 postcard
Stepp Logo White
Stepp Logo Black 
Stepp DEALER ONLY Sales Training Powerpoint
Product Offering Powerpoint
Emulsion Training Powerpoint

Equipment comparisons on miscellaneous equipment. If you are looking for more information please contact Stepp Mfg. at 651-674-4491

Diesel VS propane
Stepp Ojk VS Crafco
Stepp VS PB Loader
Stepp Vs Falcon Dump Trailer
Stepp SRM vs Falcon Hot Box
Stepp SBF Bottom Fired VS Marathon KEB under fired kettles

Material Guide for Asphalt Melter / Crack Sealing / Distributors

Asphalt Material Guide
Cleaning Solvents Sheet
asphalt emulsion manual
Hot Mix Coverage Chart

  • What will they be using the equipment for and if they have a budget in mind.
  • Do they currently have a kettle now and what Brand and model.
  • What type of material they will be using. (Look up the best kettle for the material using material guide provided by Stepp MFG.
  • Will they be needing a pumping system or will they use a gravity discharge.
  • What options they may want.
  • Use your price sheet to put together a price
  • Call Stepp MFG once you have all the information so we can review and get a quote out.

Parts Manual

Parts and Accessories for email
Beckett Burner ADC Manual 

Operating Manuals

EMS Timer Manual
Tire Information for Manuals
Kubota diesel manual
24 Hour Burner Timer- Dump Trailers
STRD Operators Manual 2014
STPH Operators Manual 2014
SSPH-Hot Pack Operators Manual 2014
SSPH Operators Manual 2014
SRM Operators Manual 2014
SPH-OJ Operators Manual 2014
SPHD Operators Manual 2019
SPH Operators Manual 2014
SMT Operators Manual 2014
SMMT Operators Manual 2015
SMM Operators Manual 2014
SGS Operators Manual 2014
SBF Operators Manual 2014
OJK-V Operators Manual 2014
Ojk-V Operators 2020
OJK-H Operators Manual 2014 for email

Parts and Accessories for email

SPH Replacement Parts

SPHD Wiring Book 

SPH Wiring Book 

Ojk- H Wiring Book 

Ojk V Wiring Book 

SPHOJ Wiring Book 

SRM Wiring Book 

SMM Wiring Book

Pre 2020 STPH wiring 


 Misc. Manuals and Guides

Warranty Claim Form
Warranty Guide
Warranty Guide in Excel Fillable Form

Rubberized Asphalt Solutions MSDS
Light Plug Information
Z602 manual
Honda Engine
Kubota diesel manual
Kohler 20hp

Kubota D1803 T4 Manual 

PackSmart Air compressor Manual
Kubota Diesel V3300 Manual Only Used with Air Compressor Kettles



Non Conformance Form