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Available In 2000 and 3000 Gallons

The Stepp SSF Street Flusher is not just any old water truck; the heated recirculation and hydraulically driven 750 GPM pumping system make it a year round truck. Whether it is flushing your streets, flooding your ice rinks, anti-icing operations, pre-wetting for sweeping, or flushing manways and catch basins, the Stepp SSF will get the job done. Don’t forget to add the water cannon option to reach the hard-to-wash areas! 

Available in 2000 and 3000 Gallons


Hydraulically driven 750 GPM at 50-80 PSI vertical pumping system with heated valve manifold and constant recirculation back to the tank for freezing weather operations (Ice rink maintenance)
Anti-cavitation sump allows you to draw the water lower, without sucking air, for full flow at low tank levels
Steel or Stainless Steel (304L) Tanks
316 Stainless Steel for Brine applications
Two mid-ship and two rear duckbill nozzles
Optional front mounted duck bill and water cannon 
Optional rear spray bar
Optional Anti-Icing System with 3 lane spray bar.
Optional GPS PreCise IX-403-H Mobile Resource Management System
PLC controller displays water level and pump pressure
Electric rewind hose reel with 100’x1″ hose
Internal anti-siphon fill
6″ Air operated dump valve with splash plate


Stepp Truck Mounted Street Flusher- SSF 
Each base unit includes: 100′ Hose with electric rewind hose reel, 750 GPM Hydraulically Driven Water pump, 
4 Nozzles: 2 midship, 2 rear, Syncro mesh PTO with load sense pump, IMF can buss control with PLC color display 
controller, 6″ Air operated dump valve with splash plate, Anti Siphon Fill pipe, Force America Add-a-Fold Valve

□ SSF-2000 
□ SSF-3000

□ Garden Hose Adapter- Pressurized 
□ Additional Hose Reel 
□ 304L Stainless Tank 
□ Stainless Plumbing 
□ Additional Plumbing Nozzles (4 are std- mid & rear mounted) 
□ Duckbill Nozzles (Qty 2 required if additional nozzles) 
□ Sprinkler Can 
□ Sprinkler Bar- Pressurized 
□ Water Canon with Joy Stick 
□ Front Equipment Fill 
□ Aluminum Fenders (std with stainless steel tank) 
□ Heated Cabinet- Stainless Steel 
□ Pro-Tech Tool Box Aluminum 
□ Pro-Tech Stainless Steel Tool Box 
□ Anti-icing Package with 3 lane spray bar and PLC controller 
□ Jetting Pump Package includes 40GPM@2000PSI, 500′ 1/2″ Hose w/ Hyd Hose Reel 
□ Heat Exchanger Pkg To heat jetter water and Anti-icing Solution 
□ Insulated Tank with Stainless Steel Jacket 
□ 316L Stainless Steel Tank For Anti Icing Operations

LIGHT OPTIONS (Standard package is included with base unit) 
□ LED Truck Lights 
□ Whelen Super LED Light Package 
□ Beacon Style Strobe Light 
□ Flush Mounted Strobe Light 
□ Arrowboard 
□ Work Lights 
□ Whelen Scene Light LED

□ Hwy Orange 
□ Black 
□ Yellow 
□ Other: __________