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What does "good leadership" look like to you?

If you were to have visited Stepp's shop on a recent day, you would have seen the CI Director prepping and sanding, the President washing, and the Production Manager in the paint booth spraying paint. "Stepping up" because their team was temporarily short staffed due to illness.

They didn't have to. That's not "their job". But they chose teamwork over their title. These are the kinds of leaders you would get to work with (not "under", not "for" ... with) at Stepp Mfg.

“Great environment to learn fab and welding skills over time!” – Welder, 2 years

“Stepp has inspired me to work hard. Through that, I have been offered opportunities to advance within the company. Each new position comes with new learning experiences, which I am grateful for.” – Purchasing, 6 years

“I don’t come to work for the paycheck. I never have. I come to work because my mind and body tell me this is where I need to be. I love what I do and I’m excited about Stepp’s future.” – Welder, 15 years

“I love my job. Working for Stepp Mfg. has been a blessing. I like everyone I work with and have made a lot of new friends. I only wish I had found this job sooner. I no longer wake up dreading the day ahead but am excited for the opportunity to work with some great people.” – Mechanical Assembler, 1 year

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