Stepp SMMT

Asphalt Recyclers

Tailgate Mounted and Trailer Mounted

Asphalt Recyclers that produce quality, on the road pothole patching solutions 24-7, 365 days a year for under $20.00 per ton. Our indirect heating system and pugmil style mixers deliver the highest quality material on the market and will give you what you need: a permanently patched pothole!

SMM Asphalt Tailgate Recycler

Stepp’s SMM Tailgate Mounted Master Mixer is a great solution for instant pothole repairs. Read more

SMMT Trailer Mounted Asphalt Recycler

Stepp’s SMMT Trailer Mounted Asphalt Recycler will produce 500 Lbs of hot mix at 300-350° in minutes. Read more

Do you have access to asphalt millings?

How would your road maintenance program benefit from being able to...

Perform permanent road repairs in the off-season...

...when hot mix asphalt plants are closed?

 Perform permanent pothole repairs...

...using 300°F hot mix when the temperature is below freezing?

Create fresh, 300ºF hot mix...

...any time of the year, at any temperature?

 Create custom hot mix blends... match your specific requirements?

If you answered Yes to any of the above, the Stepp line of Asphalt Recycling equipment may be exactly what you are looking for. In our daily contact with road maintenance departments like yours, we heard common concerns:
When we use the expensive cold mix for pothole repairs, it seems to last only a few days to a week at best, then we’re out there doing the same repair over and over again, there has to be a better way.
How can we make permanent, cost effective road repairs after the hot mix plant closes?
We listened to your concerns and questions. Then our engineers took the challenge to design a portable, easy to use, and affordable machine that can recycle asphalt millings or create hot mix from raw materials at a rate fast enough to keep up with your busy road repair schedule.
Stepp’s 80 years in business have resulted in many innovations, and these innovations will continue as the needs of the industry change and as new technologies become available.
80 Years of Asphalt Maintenance Equipment Innovation 1942-2022