STPH Hook Mounted Patch Truck – Oil Jacketed, Auger Discharge

Available in 4.0 (5.4 ton), 5.0 (6.75 ton), 6.0 (8.1 ton), and 7.0 (9.45 ton) Cubic Yards

Welcome to the Future of Pothole Patching!

Stepp’s STPH asphalt pothole patch trucks are the perfect blend of durability, reliability, and operator simplicity. The STPH takes charge of our demanding road maintenance needs. An optional on-board tack tank system, compactor plate carrier, spoils bin, hydraulic jackhammer, and air blowout options make this the ultimate patching body. The oil jacketed diesel heating system ensures good quality along with efficiency by evenly heating patch materials. Couple that with the auger delivery system and the 270° full opening hydraulically operated top doors, and you have the ultimate pothole patching machine.

Stepp Mfg’s STPH asphalt pothole patching truck is used to heat and reclaim both hot mix and cold mix materials, and apply them to roads, parking lots, and bridge decks to repair potholes and utility cuts .The Stepp STPH asphalt pothole patching truck is offered with an oil jacketed, diesel fired heating system and a recirculating exhaust system to create a “Green Friendly” heating system.

  • Hook mounted to utilize your existing fleet of trucks- We will build to accommodate most brands of hook lifts
  • Oil jacketed for the smoothest heating system on the market.
  • 6″x3/8″ AR 400 Hardened Auger and Auger Trough, and Hydraulic Direct Drive
  • Automatic Temperature Controls with Diesel Burner
  • Internal Oil Jacketed Baffle to provide heat in the middle of the hopper where it’s needed the most
  • 270° Full Opening Hydraulic Top Doors
  • Folding Shovel Pan that allows you to dispense material directly on the road for large patches
  • Stainless Steel Burner Liner
  • Electric over Hydraulic System

Available in 4.0 (5.4 ton), 5.0 (6.75 ton), 6.0 (8.1 ton), and 7.0 (9.45 ton) Cubic Yards


  • Diesel Burner Enclosure
  • Electric Overnight Heat 220V 3000W


  • Flush Mounted Strobe Light
  • Beacon Style Strobe Light
  • Arrowboard
  • 10# Fire Extinguisher
  • SMV Sign
  • Compactor Plate Carrier
  • 15 Gallon Plastic Water Tank
  • Stainless Steel Tool Holder
  • Fold Down Hopper Access Walkway
  • LP Hand Torch w/ 20# LP Bottle
  • Washdown System
  • Shovel Cleaning Compartment
  • Spoils Bin
  • TRAILER Mounted
  • HOOK Configuration
  • Rotary Compressor 100 CFM
  • Reciprocating Compressor
  • Air Blast
  • Asphalt Anti-Bridging Mixer
  • Hopper Cleaning System
  • Asphalt Swing Chute


  • Heated Tack Tank- Oil Jacket, Auto Temp, Gravity Discharge
  • Tack Tank w/ Pumping System and Spray Wand Attachment
  • Electric Overnight Heat for Tack Tank 110V 1500W
  • Hose Reel for Tack Hose
  • Aluminum Wand in lieu of Steel


  • Faster Hydraulic Hook-ups
  • Hydraulic Tamper
  • Hydraulic Jack Hammer
  • Power Beyond for Hydraulic Controls
  • Dual Hydraulic Hose Reel


  • LED Truck Lights
  • Whelen Super LED Light Package


  • Hwy Orange
  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Other: __________

STPH Sell Sheet with Quick Spec
STPH Brochure Spec
STPH-4.0 Hook Mount Bidding Spec
STPH-5.0 Hook Mount Bidding Spec
STPH-6.0 Hook Mount Bidding Spec
STPH-7.0 Hook Mount Bidding Spec

Hook Truck Worksheet Single Axle Must be filled prior to ordering.
Hook Truck Worksheet Tandem Axle Must be filled prior to ordering.

4.0 Hook Truck Requirements with Truck Worksheet
5.0 Hook Truck Requirements With Truck Worksheet
6.0 Hook Truck Requirements With Truck Worksheet
7.0 Hook Truck Requirements With Truck Worksheet

Stepp Hook Style Pothole Patch Truck STPH 4.0