SMP Stepp Mastic Patcher

Available In 250 gallon and 450 Gallon

Stepp’s SMP Mastic Patchers are designed to heat and apply mastic patch materials for crack filling, bridge deck transitions and deteriorated asphalt and concrete roadways. They are to be equipped with diesel heating systems with automatic temperature controls, and hydraulically powered heated placing augers. Higher temp oil jackets coupled with the double knuckle auger placing system outworks and outperforms the competition.

High Temp Application (250-450F°)

Each base unit includes: Diesel Engine w/ Enclosure, Diesel Burner w/ Enclosure and Auto Temp Controls, Discharge Auger with Hyd Gate, Agitator, Burner Interlock, Power Loading Chute, Electric Brakes, and a 2 Light LED System

  • 600 Degree Heat Transfer Oil Hottest and Fastest on the Market
  • Double Knuckle Auger Delivery System gives you 170″ of Straight line Travel No More Pushing Heavy Squeegee Boxes
  • Hydraulic discharge Gate
  • Kubota Powered
  • AR400 Hardened Mixer Paddles
  • Noise Dampening Engine Enclosure
  • Power Loading Door

250 Gallons
450 Gallons

Stepp Mastic Patcher

  • 100 CFM Rotary Screw compressor
  • Oil Jacketed Heated Double Knuckle Auger
  • Adjustable Squeegee Box
  • Smoover Irons
  • 10″,12″,18″, and 24″ Aluminum Hand Squeegee
  • Arrow board
  • Strobe Light
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Electric Overnight Heat

Each base unit includes:

  • Diesel Engine w/ Enclosure
  • Diesel Burner w/ Enclosure and Auto Temp Controls
  • Discharge Auger with Hyd Gate
  • Agitator
  • Burner Interlock
  • Power Loading Chute
  • Electric Brakes
  • 2 Light LED System


  • 250 Gallon
  • 400 Gallon


  • Air Compressor
  • Electric Overnight Heat 110V 1500W (includes two heaters)*
  • Beacon Style Strobe Light
  • Arrowboard
  • 10# Fire Extinguisher
  • Tool Box 10″x10″x24″
  • SMV Sign
  • Spare Tire w/ Holder
  • Adjustible Shoe for Double K Auger 4″-12″
  • Adjustible Shoe for Double K Auger 12″-24″
  • Adjustible Shoe for Double K Auger 24″-36″
  • 8″W x 3″H Aluminum Squeegee
  • 10″Wx3″H Aluminum Squeegee
  • 12″W x3″H Aluminum Squeegee
  • 18″W x3″H Aluminum Squeegee
  • 24″W x3″H Aluminum Squeegee
  • 8″W x 6″H Aluminum Squeegee
  • 10″Wx6″H Aluminum Squeegee
  • 12″W x6″H Aluminum Squeegee
  • 18″W x6″H Aluminum Squeegee
  • 24″W x3″H Aluminum Squeegee
  • 12″x8″ Smoother Iron
  • Camera System
  • LAB Model B Lance
  • Hand Torch w/ 20# LP bottle and Bottle Rack
  • Hose Reel For Hand Torch
  • Stainless Steel Tool Holders


  • Double Knuckle Auger System


  • Hydraulic Brakes- Tandem Axle


  • Hwy Orange
  • Black
  • Equipment Yellow
  • Safety Yellow
  • Special Paint: __________


  • 2-5/16″ Ball
  • 3″ Pintle


  • 6 Pin Round
  • 7 Pin RV
  • Wireless Camera System
  • Spare Tire
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • Pintle Hitch
  • 2 5/16″ Ball
Quick Specs SMP250, SMP 400
Capacity 250 Gallons 450 Gallons
Heat transfer oil required 35 gallons at 70°F
Heat Transfer Oil AMZOIL 600°F C.O.C. Flash Point
Tank construction Double boiler type
Tank opening size 32”x8.5”
Discharge Auger 4” AR400 oil jacketed
Maximum heat input 420,000 BTUs
Burner and temperature control Diesel-forced air thermostatic control
Engine Kubota Kubota D1105-E4B 24.8 HP Tier 4 w/Digital Engine Mgmt System
Drive Mechanism Hydraulic Direct Drive
Mixer Horizontal shaft with 5 sweep paddles
Dry Weight Approximately 4,900 lbs.
Shipping Weight Approximately 5,300 lbs.
Diesel Tank Capacity 26 Gallons
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 12 Gallons
Axle Capacity Dual 7,000 lbs. 14,000 GVWR
Tires ST235/85R16, Load Range E
Hydraulic Pump and Operating Pressure Load Sensing 3.00 Cu in @ 1500 PSI
Brakes Electric (std) Hydraulic (opt)
Hitch 3” Pintle or 2-5/16” Ball
Length x Width x Height 227”L x 89”W x 84”H
Frame Construction 2”x 6”x 3/16” Rectangular Steel Tubing

Stepp Mfg Co Inc SMP-400 450 Gallon Mastic Patching Machine with Placing Augers