About Us

Stepp Manufacturing - Family Owned and Managed Since 1942

At Stepp Manufacturing Co., Inc. we specialize in manufacturing asphalt equipment designed to heat, melt, transport, and store bitumen and asphalt materials for highway maintenance, pothole repair, and parking lot maintenance such as crack sealing, pothole patching, and seal coating. In addition, we also manufacture storage tanks and kettles for heating roofing materials.

The experience, history, and reputations of the company you purchase from are just as important as the product itself. Stepp Manufacturing originated in 1942 and has operated continuously under the same family management since that time.

Experience and Innovation

Our primary focus has always been on the design and manufacturing of heating and melting equipment for the highway and roofing industries. Our many years of experience have resulted in several innovations to make our products more efficient, productive, and safe. These innovations will continue as the needs of the industry change, and as new technologies become available.

Advanced Technology

We utilize 3D computer-aided designs and manufacturing processes that allow us to rapidly incorporate new technologies and improvements into our products. This gives you the most advanced technology available on the market today. With our full production facilities and in-house engineering department, we are able to custom build specialized equipment to your exacting specifications.

Quality and Dependability

We employ certified welders, trained technicians, and engineers to assure the quality and dependability you would expect from your highway maintenance equipment. Our network of Dealers and After-Sales Service Support assure parts and services are available when and where you need it.

We're Here To Serve

We would like to personally thank you for considering Stepp Mfg. in the purchase of your new equipment. For questions regarding new equipment, servicing existing equipment, or part replacement please call: 651-674-4491.